Orchestral instruments (games)

First of all, check that you are familiar with the sounds of all of the main musical instruments by listening to all the examples on this page: Musical Instruments. If you ever get stuck, you can refer back to this page. (This page requires Adobe Flash and may not work on some mobile devices)

Try playing these four games that test your aural and visual recognition of the different instruments of the orchestra:

  1. Game 1 Click on each instrument that you hear. At the end you will be rewarded with a performance of all the instruments playing together. Repeat until you can do the test without making any mistakes… (May not work on some mobile devices)
  2. Game 2 You have 8 minutes to name (and correctly spell) the 20 musical instruments that you hear. You can pause the recording but don’t forget that you are up against the clock!
  3. Game 3 You have 5 minutes to recognise 14 different instruments from a picture of an orchestra.
  4. Game 4 Finally, can you name these 12 instruments in close-up within 3 minutes?




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